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(Step 4)    BigFix

Installing or Reinstalling BigFix (formerly Tivoli) on a Windows 10 Operating System

  1. BigFix is a program that connects Family History Centre computers to the Family History Department's Web Servers at Church Headquarters. It enables all Family History Centre computers to have all the necessary programming, for the work they are provided to accomplish. BigFix automatically monitors and updates in the background. It is a vital software component for normal Family History Centre operation.

  2. The installation of BigFix is started manually but continues in the background for some time. This installation is the final option to use to fix issues once you have determined that the filtering is working (step 1) and the the IP Address starts with (step 2).

  3. Open a browser, (usually Chrome) and enter this URL in the location bar the top of the page-
    (You will find links to certain tools, which can be downloaded for the purposes of programme installation or repair on FHC computers.).
  1. Click the Tivoli/BigFix download Button

  2. The download will indicate at the bottom-left corner of the screen
  1. Assuming the download was saved to the default Downloads folder, apply the steps a) to d) to install BigFix:

  2. a) Right-Click on the Windows Start Icon.
    b) Now click on the Run option just above
    c) Now click on Browse and ‘select’ Downloads in the left-hand column
        You will see the BigFixInstaller.exe file in the right-hand column
    d) ‘Select’ this file and click Open below and then click OK in the next window.

  3. The installation procedure will begin

  4. At some point the installation procedure will indicate a Reboot in 80+ seconds. Just allow this time delay to complete, and the computer to reboot.
  5. Generally FamilySearch Technical Support Missionaries, will connect remotely to the FHC computers to run the BigFix/Tivoli installations, but T&FHCs or other qualified Ward members, can do this on the ground by following the instructions on this page.

  6. It is good practice following the reboot, to leave the computer for at least 30 minutes, or an hour, to allow the BigFix installation to run in the background. A script will be running and needs to complete. You may find some functions of the Operating System controls, don't operate until this time period is completed.