A Schematic example of Internet Connection
Simplified for Family History Centres


Since the introduction of the Cisco Managed Switch—At least one will be installed.—in each of our Meeting Houses, the important connection of Port 1 of our FHC or Special Purpose Network switch to Port 3 of the Meraki Firewall, will no-longer be a standard required connection.

This given schematic, diagrams the basic connections
now needed, for our Family History Centre computers

The connection route is:

  1. The ROUTER or HUB TO PORT 5 or Meraki Firewall Internet Port
  2. Meraki Firewall PORT 1 TO PORT 9 of the Managed Switch.
  3. Managed Switch PORT 6 TO PORT 1 FHC Network Switch
  4. The remaining Ports of the FHC Network Switch connect via the Patch Panel and associated Ethernet Sockets to the Printer and FHC Computers.

Although the Cisco Managed Switch generally installed in our Meeting Houses, has 8 Ports, it also has 2 other ports: 9 and 10, which are termed SFPGBIC, which stands for Small Form Factor Pluggable Gigabit Interface Converter. If two Managed Switches were present in a Meeting House, Port 10 of the first unit would be connected to Port 9 of the second unit.

Much more complex, multiple Managed Switch installations, are available for more complex purposes. Just the Family History Centre value is simplified and illustrated here, for a “one Managed Switch only” setup.