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(Step 3)    IP ADDRESS

Check to see if the IP Address is in the correct range

  1. An IP Address, is a unique reference, each and any computer has, to identify it on the World-Wide-Web.

  2. An IP Address can have one of two formats, which are IPv4 and IPv6.
    Examples could be for an IPv4 Address
    and fe80::5167:d626:dc67:3fb4%5 for an IPv6 Address.

  3. The correct IP Address configuration for any FHC computer will start with
    An example would be
    An incorrect or outdated setup might start with an IP Address of, which is caused by a wrong connection to the Meraki Firewall. This connection may be by way of a Managed Switch, which needs to be connected to the Meraki Firewall's Port 1. The (Special Purpose) FHC Network Switch is usually connected to Port 6 of the Managed Switch (which is the default Port for Special Purpose, or FHC, on the Managed Switch): Port 5 is used in some situtations.

  4. With Windows 10 there are 2 main ways to determine a computers IP Address:
    1) by looking for the IP Address value in Settings
         Click: Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Ethernet > Network
    2) by using the ipconfig command at the Command Prompt
         Right-Click on Start, Click Windows Powershell (Admin) > type ipconfig.

  5. View this video to see how you can find the IP Address: Two ways to find your IP Address